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Get few meters more

Subcraft carbon blades will make difference in your diving experience.

They are made from Toray - Japan carbon fibres with Vacuum Infusion Technology.

Soft for your legs but extremely reactive. You will improve your depths and bottom time for sure.

Lightness and angle between blade and leg will provide you long dives without cramps.


  • Celox F400 - our bestseller... Allround blades for shallow water hunts and deep dives. Best "value for money" ratio. Light and reactive.

  • Centurion - new model of Subcraft carbon blades. Softer than previous model but with more reactivity. You will get the best from them during the long spearfishing dives or deep dives.

GNP nanotechnology - NEW model of Subcraft carbon fins. In production of this model we have included nanotechhology and get incredible results! Highly reactive!

ASK FOR SPECIAL OFFER +385 91 4567890

  • STX 320 - fibreglass blades, Not reactive and light like carbon ones but much better choice than plastic ones. Their inner construction put them on the top of fibreglass blades class.


  • S - less than 56kg

  • M - between 56kg and 98kg

  • H - above 98kg

Foot pockets:

Our suggestio is Pathos - for wide foot, and Mares Razor Pro - for more narrow foot, but they will suit in majority foot pockets on the market. If you decide to buy blades and foot pockets, our montage is free of charge.


Length over all               78 cm

Length of the blade       66 cm

Wide                              19 cm

Weight                        < 190 g (without rails)

Angle                              22º

Send us your choice and we will promptly reply with our offer.

Estimated weight of fins (without foot pockets), that you can calculate shipping costs is, 0,5 kg without the package.

(Calculator link is in the footer)

Celox F400
Celox F400
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