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Don't miss again

Sometimes the gun is "guilty" for missing the fish. With Subcraft wooden roller Morpheus 90 you will stay without that excuse.

We like to say that Morpheus 90 have built-in "target lock" technology. It does not, but performance is the same, you can't miss..


Subcraft Morpheus 90 is made from mahogany woods with CNC milling technology. Reversible trigger mechanism, reel with 80m Dynema (2mm) and all other metal parts are manufactured by Ermes.

Recommended shaft - Pathos 120x7,25 for roller spearguns.

Rollers are made for max 16mm diameter rubbers.

Combination of roller and circular rubber will give you enough power to use havy shaft and be leathal on long distance, but also have high velocity of shaft after pulling the trigger.

Good balance and low profile of the body of Morpheus 90 provide easy horizontal moves and tracking the fish until the right moment to pull the trigger.


Length over all                   107 cm

Active length                        90 cm

Widest part                         7,8 cm

Wide of the muzzle             5,8 cm

Profile                                 3,5 cm

Weight with shaft               2,23 kg         

Estimated weight of Morpheus 90 speargun, that you can calculate shipping costs is, 2,23 kg without package.

(Calculator link is in the footer)

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