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Here you can pick right suit for you

Advantages of Subcraft wetsuits are our cutting scheme wich will provide warmth and comfort, and fresh neoprene which ensure long life of your suit.

Elbows and knees are curved just like your body when floating on the surface. Hood have special space for your ears and you won't feel the pain when you remove it after 6 hours of diving. ...and much more!

You can choose between Heiwa, Sheico, Yamamoto and Daiwabo neoprenes.

We will work with you to find best option and best price for your new wetsuit. So, lets start..

Informations we need:

1) - Type of neoprene

  • camo or black

  • jersey/open cell, smooth skin/open cell, jersey/jersey or smooth skin/open cell

       thickness.. 1,5mm, 2mm, 3mm, 5mm, 7mm or 8mm

2) - Size of wetsuit

3) - Extras

  • Elbow reinforcements

  • Knees reinforcements

  • Loading pad on chest

  • Pisette

Design - we can offer classic camos but also create very unique designs. You can find our previous works on Subcraft Facebook page.

Make selection in those 3 areas and we will promptly send you an offer with prices. Offcourse, you can make changes untill you are satisfied with the suit.

Estimated weight of suits, without the package, that you can calculate shipping costs:

(Calculator link is in the footer)

3mm           2,5kg

5mm           3,5kg

7mm           4,5kg

8mm           5,5kg


Custom made wetsuits - taking the measures

Here is short movie how to measure your body for custom made wetsuit. Please, download measuring Form and fulfil it with measures how is explained in video. Right measures are most important thing to get wetsuit wich suit you the best.

Wetsuits: Product

Custom made wetsuits

Best wetsuit you can get

The most important thing, if you want warm wetsuit, is to stop circulation of the water inside. Custom made suit is made by your measures and it will perfectly lay down on your body and completely stop water circulation. That will keep you warm during the long dives and dives in cold water. Also, you will save your energy.

Extra fee for Custom made wetsuit is just 40 Euro, and you pay it just once. We will keep your cutting scheme in our archive for your future suits.

Best invested 40 Euros for sure!

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